Always consider who the host of the wedding is (whose name is requesting the honor of presence?).  This will determine how you can address the inner envelope.  If the bride and groom-to-be are the hosts, then the inner envelope can be addressed:  Aunt Sarah and Uncle Bill OR Mom and Dad (this is a more personal way to address your inner envelope if the guest is a close relative to you).  If your parent’s are hosting and wish to remain less formal – simply state the persons’ first names (ex. Sarah and Bill).

formal invitation; traditional married couple
Mr. and Mrs. Parker (omit first names)

informal invitation; traditional married couple
Emily and Jonathan (omit last names)

If there is no inner envelope, be sure to include invited children on line two of the single envelope.

You can include “and family” or “and guest” only in cases where you’ve tried your best to obtain the names.

*Special note: if your parents live locally, always personally hand-deliver their invitation.

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