When you have an inner envelope, the children (under the age of 18) are omitted from the outer addressed envelope (it is not acceptable to address “and family” on the outer envelope).  Proper etiquette is to address the children on the inner envelope by their first names (if you cannot obtain their first names – “and Family” is acceptable on the inner envelope.  The names of the children should be listed on the inner envelope (or single envelope if you don’t have an inner envelope) on line two as follows:

Children should be listed from oldest to youngest in age = Kyle, Jake, Ashley and Caitlyn (omit last name)

For formal invitations, you can use titles for the children (include their last name) as follows:

Daughter (under 18 years of age) = Miss Ashley Smith

*Note: the title “Miss” is still used for young ladies 18 years and older.  “Miss” is typically used up to the age of 25 and if she had remained unmarried (this is a personal choice of the young lady).

Multiple daughters = The Misses Ashley and Caitlyn Smith
Son aged 12 years and under = Master Jake Smith
Son aged 13 and older = Mr. Kyle Smith
Multiple sons = Messrs. Kyle and Jake Smith

Special Note: young adults 18 years and older should receive a separate invitation.

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