Bruce – Videographer/Cinematographer

BRUCE_PHOTOWho doesn’t adore a “love story”? Our wedding videographer/cinematographer, Bruce certainly does—and he’d like to make you the star. “I firmly believe in the power of real-life movies to capture the sights, sounds and emotions of a wedding, perfectly” says Bruce. As for the star part, he is rare in using high-definition cameras mounted on a highly sophisticated Steadicam (the kind they use in Hollywood) to bring what he describes as “a floating dreamy elegance” to the real-life motion picture he then creates of your wedding. “I have an eye for emotion and enjoy capturing the emotion of real people doing real things,” says Bruce. The Steadicam provides  beautifully “natural-looking footage” that today, tomorrow and even 20 years from now will transport you right back to the moment you felt your heart loudly beating as you said “I do”—and the tears will likely flow once again.

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